World’s largest “iphone on display”-Made from56iPads

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World’s largest “iphone on display”-Made from56iPads

Apple is known for making smaller gadgets which is sleekly, slim and well designed. But,for just a moment, imagine, if apple ever try their hand to make big gadgets which is larger in size and big in look, So, in that case, how today’s iphone would look like.You don’t have to go far away to experience such kind of thing just you reach London and you can witness world’s largest iphone on display.I’m not joking,it’s true.

The gargantuan iDevice made an appearance in London’s busy St Pancras International Train Station today to celebrate the launch of Lara Croft Guardian of Light on the Apple App Store.

Do you know how it built:

It’s not exactly an iPhone. It’s made entirely using 56 iPads.

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