TripAnomaly-”Book flight tickets” now and pay later in installments

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TripAnomaly-”Book flight tickets” now and pay later in installments

Have you ever heard about any company that is offering you flight tickets in installments? Yes. It is indeed possible.

So, if you wish to travel by flight with your family and friends then check out this new site(Trip Anomaly) where you can book flight tickets now and pay later in installments.

In every retail shop, we see offer like this “book now pay later in installments” But from travel company perspective, it is quite unique idea.


TripAnomaly is the new way to book a flight. If you’re short on cash or just tired of paying annual credit card fees for purchases, they are the answer when you travel.

Easy To Use:

TripAnomaly is easy and affordable for all those travelers who were unable to buy flight tickets so far. For a flat $99 fee, you can book your flight on the spot and pay it in installments, in a more convenient and cost effective way. They will book your flight whether its a one-way or roundtrip. However,they only book tickets up to $500.00. Once they book your ticket, they charge a small 5% fee to the ticket price (Which is refunded if you pay them faster). So if your ticket price is $500 then with their fee its $525.

Travel Anywhere With TripAnomaly:

Whether you’re traveling to Cancun, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or anywhere within the United States, they’ll help you get there.

Best Part Is:

They are also working as full service travel consultant and booking engine for cheap flights, hotels and car rentals. It is just like one stop shop for you when you’re traveling.

Visionwiz’s Views:

This idea seems to be quite unique from travel company prespective.But,will their business model survive or not? Remain to be seen.Because how they would generate money is not clear.It’s revenue model is not that sound and workable unless untill it is backed by some VC funding who can provide them liqudity.If they get big VC funders then certainly this company can thrive.But,again,if this company get sucess then many big travel comapny will latch on this business model.So,they have to face stiff competition from others as well. Other concern for this company is, this travel segment is quite crowded market where you have to thrive on lowest margine.So these things should keep in mind if they want to grow fast.In nutshell,its good idea.It should work.Thumbs up.

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