TapInko -How To Simplify Your Offline Advertising Process

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TapInko -How To  Simplify Your Offline Advertising Process

Looking for some tool to simplify your offline advertising process and want to do it as fast as online advertising companies perform their advertising deals? So,why not try this new online marketplace which is being made by TapInko.

TapInko has made an unique online marketplace for offline ad space.Yes,you heard.Right.Its a new kind of marketplace made for simplfiying offline advertising process.In other words, TapInko make advertising in all offline outlets as easy as advertising online.


TapInko is the online marketplace for offline ad space. There are millions of places for people to advertise offline—traditional options such as newspapers and billboards as well as non-traditional options like empty walls, vehicles and even bodies—but no easy way for buyers and sellers to place or solicit advertising. TapInko believes that offline advertising should be as easy as online advertising.

What TapInko Will Do For You:

From search-and-find to transaction completion, TapInko provides a simpler alternative to the traditional advertising. For traditional outlets like newspapers, what used to take weeks, now takes minutes. For newer outlets, TapInko provides the first and only marketplace for buyers and sellers. In addition, TapInko also provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage the process; complete with file back-up, sales tracking and internal messaging.

Why It Could Work:

TapInko’s platform is the key to the marketplace as it provides media owners with improved sales and sales tracking software. At present, many of these functions exist individually within various desktop software applications, but TapInko brings them together in one robust, advertising focused, fully functional website.It also gives buyers unlimited access to an all-inclusive directory to create unique and comprehensive advertising campaigns. These tools increase the transactional efficiency of advertising with any outlet, publication or display, by allowing advertisers to search for opportunities by sophisticated audience or medium criteria; demographic, location, media type, impressions, etc..

Best Part Is:

Best part is there is no set-up costs or membership fees. By taking advantage of their easy-to-use, fully functional website, you can increase your sales by offering unlimited access to an all-inclusive directory.

Visionwiz’s Views On This StartUp:

If you are advertisers then you must be aware of how much time it takes to complete any advertising deal. Using this tool can save you alot of time and your advertising process can now be completed in under 10 minutes.So this start up can work for sure as they have made their site from user’s prespective. Online advertising has benefited from an innovation surge and TapInko provides the same leverage to traditional and alternative media.Not only that they are also providning you tools to keep track of every aspect of the sale.

More at:http://www.tapinko.com/

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