Protect your smartphone from any virus attack via Lookout -Got VC funding

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Protect your smartphone from any virus attack via Lookout -Got VC funding

Are you worried because of some virus attacks on your smartphones?Or, are you worried because you had lost your smartphone? Use Lookout to protect your smartphone from any virus attack and locate your stolen smartphone.


Here how to use it:
From any computer or smartphone web browser, go to and click the Log In button.Enter in the email address that you used to sign up for your Lookout account as well as the password. If you forgot your password, you can click on the “Forgot Password” link.Once you log in, click on the “Missing Device” tab and from there you will have two options.
1.) You can Locate your phone on a map by pressing the “Locate” button. Lookout will then initiate the process to find your phone.


provides security to protect you from viruses, malware and spyware, the ability to backup and restore your data, and tools to help locate lost or stolen phones.

How Much It Got From VC Funding:

Lookout has got around $19.5 million in funding which is led by Index Ventures, Accel Partners and Khosla Ventures. Mike Volpi, Index partner and former Cisco executive, joins the Lookout board of directors.

Growth Trends:

Lookout just announced that it has reached more than four million registered users within a year. If this speed continue for few more months then certainly it will attract more funding.

How Is The Market For This Kind Of Products?

According to Gartner Research, global smartphone sales grew 96 percent from the third quarter last year, and the application marketplace continues to explode, reaching hundreds of thousands of apps. As phones become more powerful and consumers do more with them, they become more attractive to malicious attacks. In the past several months, incidents of mobile malware have increased. Most recently, a Trojan disguised as a “movie player” application for Android devices was released, which would send premium rate SMS messages and charge money to users’ phone bills without their knowledge. Consumers need protection from threats such as mobile viruses and malware, data loss and theft of the phone itself. Recently selected as a top technology product of 2010 by PC World, Lookout is designed for mobile phones from the ground up, providing comprehensive protection against mobile threats and unparalleled ease of use.

So enough potential.Right?

VC Details:

Index Ventures:

It invest in those companies which is in the fields of information technology and the life sciences. Basically they look for teams that are committed to solving a real problem with a novel approach. Index has invested in over 100 start-up companies across Europe and the US.

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