Mr. Genius Boss & Secretary Rosy’s x-mas gift

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Mr. Genius Boss & Secretary Rosy’s x-mas gift

Mr. Genius Boss & Secretary Rosy’s x-mas gift

Rosy-Sir, I want bangles at this coming x-mas session from you as a gift.

Mr. Genius Boss- Ok, Rosy. I”ll buy one for you.

Rosy-Sir, I lost my ring yesterday in the market. So at my upcoming b’day which is after x’mas, I need new ring as well.

Mr.Genius Boss-Ok.Honey.No problem.I”ll buy that one too.

Rosy-Thanks! But that ring should be made of diamond only.

Mr.Genius Boss- Ok. Baby. Anything else you want?

Rosy-Yes, but don’t mine.

Mr.Genius Boss-Tell me.

Rosy- I need one new dress as well for x-mas.

Mr.Genius Boss-Ok. No problem. Anything else?

Rosy- Yes.My puppy(doggy) also need some rings as I’ve not given her any gift on her birthday.

Mr.GeniusBoss-Ok .That’s it or anything else?

Rosy-.My ex-boy friend has lost the job.Can you provide him job in this company?

Mr.Genius Boss- Ok.I”ll provide him job.

Rosy-Thanks,sir,one last thing,may I ask?

Mr.Genius Boss- Yes.Go ahead.

Rosy-On x-mas eve ,my friend is going to marry. Plz come for a dinner on that day.

Mr.Genius Boss-Of course. Anything for you Rosy.

As Mr.Genius Boss has entered the marriage hall he saw……..

Rosy was wearing his gifted rings ,bangels, wedding dress and was the actual bride with her ex boy friend as groom.

Rosy-Laughing from the stage !!!!!!!!! Sorry…Sir……..

Mr.Genius Boss-Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

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