iPad Vs Amazon’s kindle

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iPad Vs Amazon’s kindle

Since iPad came into the market its gaining market share by leaps and bounds. In recent survey report by changewave firm shows ,it has past the Amazon’s kindle in e-reader market share.Interesting things is people who used both device(ipad & amazon’s kindle) shown more liking towards ipad over kindle.Its good news for Steve Jobs and bad news for many technology experts who predicted ipad would not be as successful as other products from apple.


The Amazon Kindle (47%; down 15-pts) is hanging on to a rapidly diminishing lead over the Apple iPad (32%; up 16-pts) among current e-Reader owners. However, the iPad’s share of the overall market has doubled since the last time ChangeWave surveyed e-Reader owners in August.

While both devices are highly rated, three-in-four iPad e-Reader owners (75%) say they are Very Satisfied with their device compared to 54% of Kindle e-Reader owners.



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