India is still best outsourcing location for all big MNC

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India is still best outsourcing location for all big MNC

Since Barack Obama shown some concern over the outsourcing work everybody become skeptical about their growth and everybody thought that outsourced work would decline sharply in all developing nations like, Phillippnes,Vietnam,Indonesia and India. But recent study by Gartner show that, still all Big MNC are outsourcing their jobs to developing nations .And, India is still best outsourcing location for all big MNC.

Gartner Study:
“Gartner Inc., the IT research and advisory firm has identified the Top 30 countries for globally sourced activities in 2010-11, rating them on the basis of 10 criteria and found that eight new countries have made their debut in the Top 30.

Many organisations that want to move IT services to lower-cost countries are intimidated by the task of determining which country, or countries, would best suit their requirement. Gartner carried out a study of these countries to evaluate their capabilities and potential as offshore services locations.

India maintained its top position as the world’s leading country in offshore locations. It scored well across all 10 criteria. Although the rising rupee is challenging its cost-competitiveness, this is compensated by its strength in other areas, revealed Gartner’s study.”

“The Gartner study also indicates that China experienced a sturdy positive growth rate, prompted by a USD 583.9 billion stimulus package, in 2009 while the Shanghai 2010 World Expo has helped enhance cultural awareness within China, aiding the growth of the business in the country.”

So this study shows that India is still favorite place for all big MNC firms for their outsourcing works. But, India need to remember that their place is not permanent in outsourcing world as Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia is also tracing fast. And, China is always few steps ahead from us.


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