How To Solve Parking Space Problem In Big Cities

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How To Solve Parking Space Problem In Big Cities

In big cities especially in metro cities, there is huge problem for parking space as day by day number of vehicles are increasing but we cannot increase the city space instantly as vehicles are increasing. So what can we do? Need to build some applications which can help us to find parking space in real time.Right?So smart parking management is need of hour for every big cities in the world. Unfortunate thing is , we have not developed any breathtaking technology so far to solve this parking space problem yet.

Here is one company, which has sensed a big business opportunities in this field and coming out with new technology which can solve the parking space problem in big cities. How?

Here is this business idea:

SmartGrains solves parking problems with their intelligent sensors.These intelligent sensor can be installed in minutes.

What these intelligent sensors can do for you?Ans: It would help you to detect vehicles and communicate by radio waves to provide you information in real time. The sensors have a dual function: one is to detect the state of occupation of a place, and the second is to build a wireless network to convey information to a relay or a display.

Useful Features:

ParkSense would able to provide an overview of the occupation of parking spaces on a given area, indoors or outdoors, in parking lots and roads. This technological know-how to find the best parking space for the roads, public parking, the retail and airports.

SmartPark exclusive feature: daily forecasts, comparison of real time data with historical and warning of abnormality

Park plans indicating in real time: places free / busy, the parking time on each position occupied (includes tracking cars suckers), the average time per parking space, the daily turnover rate, the status displays The battery level, etc..

How Sensor Works:

Detectors placed on the ground are equipped with sensors whose resistance varies depending on the intensity of the ambient magnetic field. In the manner of a compass in three dimensions, the sensor described the Earth’s magnetic field and detects changes in its intensity and direction.

The arrival of a vehicle, which contains ferromagnetic materials locally distorts the earth’s field intensity. An algorithm developed by SmartGrains this deformation analysis to infer the presence or absence of a vehicle over the sensor. The advantage of this method is its lack of sensitivity to most environmental disturbances (rain, snow, dirt, etc..)

Visionwiz’s views on this business idea:

This business idea have great potential because we have not seen much company of this sort which is only focused on parking space problem.Whoever lives in metro cities he knows that finding parking space in metro cites is not easy.So this idea can certanly work because it will help us to find parking space in quick time..Apart from that,this technology can be used in many other ways as well.For example ,if it integrate its technology with google maps and geo location service then it can also solve all the cases of vehicles lost or stolen as its sensor can detect vehicles in no time.

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