How To Put All Social Profiles At One Place

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How To Put All Social Profiles At One Place

Suppose if you want that everybody who search for you on any social networks ( for instance, on facebook, myspace, linkedin, etc), will also be able to find you on all of your other social network profiles, as well as your other websites (personal, business, event sites that aren’t your own) then for doing this you can use this site which will help you to put all your social profile at one place.


ItsMyURLs would enable users to create one URL (or link), that would take whoever clicks on it, to one page with all of the users online profile links and other personal or business website links, all on one page.

Easy To Use:

All you have to do to get started is, click on join now on the homepage, fill out the requested info, choose your ItsMyURLs account name which will be the last part of your new URL , add your links, twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs, websites, etc, (takes 5 minutes), now post your new URL that you get from ItsMyURLs (posted under your picture in your profile) to all of your social networks, blogs and websites (use the create a badge option when possible),your are now in business, your online presence has just been simplified, and all of your pages are linked together.

Let me explain:

Suppose you have a business card that currently has your facebook, twitter, myspace, websites, etc. links on it, it may look confusing and crowded and be a turn off to potential customers.For simplifying it you can use this site as it would reduce your stress by putting all social profile at one place in easy way.

All you need to do is put your free ItsMyURLs link on your business card (e.g., and whoever goes to that URL will be able to see all of the links that you choose to post on your profile, the links that would have been all over your business card.

Best part is

If you ever change your profiles any of your websites, or even if you add any new, or get rid of any irrelevant website you don’t need to order new business cards just make the changes after logging into your ItsMyURLs profile at any time, and your customers will never even notice!

Good For Organization:

It would be good use for any business or corporation. How? Let me explain, suppose you have many different departments and you want to reach someone in marketing, if you click on the company’s ItsMyURLs link on their homepage, you would be taken to their ItsMyURLs page which would list the links to their different divisions (e.g. management, marketing sales, R&D, etc.) so you click on marketing, ideally they would have created a “marketing” ItsMyURLs account, so that when you click on marketing, you are then taken to the companies employees ItsMyURLs accounts who work for the marketing department, and so on. So essentially you could get much more in depth with a company if you were trying to reach someone, with only a few clicks, and minimal searching!

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