How To Pitch Your New Venture To Investors

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How To Pitch Your New Venture To Investors

Want to pitch your venture to investors but don’t know what tools to use to showcase pitch?

Here is a new site which can help you.

It is named as Venturesocially. is a for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

At this site you can showcase or pitch your venture easily.

Venturesocially: is a place for showcasing the best in new ventures. is all about the pitch. Any budding entrepreneur can rock up and create deep and meaningful pitches to attract some of the biggest names in venture funding and capital.

Easy To Use:

Entrepreneur can create as many Venture Pitches as they wish. Once they are happy with the final pitch they can show case the pitches to the world either by distributing the link themselves or waiting for a funding angle to pop by and discover their pitch organically. Once VC discover your pitch you would see funding started to come. Now you can view each bid from the Venture Profile page. Once they see a bid they are happy with and a funding angel or company they could work with they can accept the bid online.

The next steps happen independently of, the legal aspect of a venture partnership needs to be arranged by a legal representative in your local area.

See video tutorial to make pitch:

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