Google’s eBook store-What’s for you?

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Google’s eBook store-What’s for you?

Google’s eBook Store:

Finally,Google has come out with its ebook store.Google’s eBook store your library in the digital cloud, so you can read all of your favorite books using just about any device with an internet connection. Google eBooks is compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, web browsers and many supported eReaders.

Best thing is:

Whenever you open one of your books, it will pick up right where you left last time

How To Use:

To read online using the web reader, simply click the read button on any free or purchased ebooks. Once you open your book using its mobile reader apps, your book will sync to your device and you can continue reading it online or offline.

Your ebooks will be stored within your Google account, which allows them to save your page positions and sync across all the devices as you continue reading.


Apart from many thousands of free e-books, prices for Google’s e-books would vary from $0.99 to $300.

How Google ebook store is different from other ebook store?

If you are already using Amazon’s kindle or Barnes & Noble and Apple ‘s ebook store then you must be wondering what Google’s e book store is offering you? Or why you would shift your focus to Google’s ebook store? Right? Google has already sensed this sort of things and knew it would happen and they have made their application little different from other ebook store to bring all existing ebook users to their application.

Here how it is:

While using Amazon’s kindle you can purchase e-books only with a single online store and that can be read only on compatible software.For example books purchased from the Kindle Store can only be read on Kindle apps.Here Google made a difference. By using Google ebook store now any users can buy books from its store or any other online store that sells books in EPUB and PDF formats, and that book can be read on any device with a web browser.

Why Its Good For Publishers:

Will its business model work for publishers or not ? Only time would tell .But certainly its revenue sharing model is good for publishers.If you are a publisher and selling books via Google’s ebook store then you would get 52 % of the book price or list price but if you are selling books via other retail partners then you would get only 45 % of the book price or list price.

They have also made category list like “agency category” and those publishers who came under this category would get 70 % of list price.Apart from that they have many individual agreements with publishers for revenue share which would vary.

Visionwiz’s Views On Google ‘s ebook:

It could work well because Google’s ebook platform would allow independent booksellers with dedicated customer bases to advertise and sell Google e-books via their own place or platform like from their own websites or other such platforms and earn revenue. However one key thing Google’s eBook store is missing, that is, sharing a book links options as we share other links on web.

Google’s eBook store would be more useful if it provide us or give us share a link options to a page or sharing options for their free books or just excerpt sharing or any shared links simply direct you to the first page of each book, at least for books in the public domain then I guess it would make it quite popular and more valuable for users.

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