Give reward to your visitors automatically for any specific action”registration, upgrade, newsletter”

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Give reward to your visitors automatically for any specific action”registration, upgrade, newsletter”

Do you want that every visitor on your sites get something in reward? For instance, if he or she perform any specific action on your sites like subscribing for your website, get registered or do any other things which confirm that they are loyal readers of your sites? Many websites owners and bloggers offer different types of freebies for their readers, but how about using any specific service which can offer direct free offers and coupons from Amazon or other such sites to your visitors?Don’t you think that will be quite great idea and useful for your website visitors? Actually, we have found one such type of company (Reward Level), which can help you to give reward to your visitors automatically. A reward is a special promotion used on forms. Advertisers submit them into their system. If you have a website and want more visitors, you should submit your site as a reward.In other words,just add rewards and make any form “registration, upgrade, newsletter” on your site convert better.

Reward Level:

Reward Level helps websites increase their conversion rates by offering rewards to their visitors for taking action. This can be for signing up, checking out, email newsletter subscriptions and other things you can think of. Your visitor gets a great reward from their advertisers including Amazon, KISSmetrics, Crazyegg, Optimizely, Mixpanel and more. Advertisers as well can submit rewards to be shown across the network.

Easy To Use:

Just install the plugin on your form and when user fills out your form, opts-in to Reward Level and they cookie that user. Once they get to your completion page (can be any page), you place its code there and then they check to see if their secure cookie is valid. If it is then they send the reward to your user.

Visionwiz’s Views:

This start up seems to have good potential because its three- in-one business model. See, most of us offer freebies or rewards to our customers or readers. Right? But, for doing this, we need either some sponsors or we have to spent our money. Right? Now, here comes this start up. First thing, it will offer freebies from Amazons or other such types of sites for your websites readers who perform some specific action on your site(without charging anything ).By offering freebies your visitors would become loyal customers. How? Because they will be rewarded only when they perform some specific task on your site. Second benefit is, you get loyal cutomers or readers without doing any marketing. Third benefit for those company who get the opportunities for their brands to be seen and buy by lot of targeted consumers. So, it reduce marketing cost for many companies as they have to pay just small fees to give free offers .As a website owner you get more valued customers. As a reader you get many free reward or offer.As a advertiser you get free marketing chance for your products.
So,in nutshell,its win- win situation for all.Thumbs up!

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