Cheapest 4G Tablet From Reliance At Rs8000

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Cheapest 4G Tablet From Reliance At Rs8000

Forget about iPad,forget about Samsung’s Galaxy tablet and forget about 3g enabled device?Now use 4g tablet from Reliance at one fourth price of other tablets in the world.

Reliance’s Infotel, is going to launch 4G tablets at less than Rs 8,000 in india. Can’t believe this news? It is true. Reliance is presently testing tablets from almost 15 Taiwanese vendors. It has already decided that it will use LTE technology for its network. However,few of Infotel’s tablets are expected to run on Android OS and the cheapest ones might use custom Java based operating systems.Reliance ‘s Infotel is likely to announce its plans in the first quarter of 2011.

Cheapest 4G Tablet:

It would be great buy for Indian consumers because it will be about one fourth the price of a high end device such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which costs Rs 35,000; or a third of the price of a medium range device like the Olivepad from Olive Communications, which sells at Rs 27,000

Smart Strategy:

It is said that tablets will be key to the mass market adoption of broadband and Infotel is expected to ensure that access devices are cheap, the same as Reliance Communications did when it entered the market with CDMA almost a decade ago.

Visionwiz’s Views:

It is quite smart move by Reliance as they have recently bought infotel that gave them strong foot hold over broadband market.They can conquer this (tablet)segment for sure if they bring as good technology as they come with CDMA when they launched their cell phone business.At that time cell phone market in india were not for masses.Remember? So,lets see how this move turn out this time.


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