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There are hundreds of cell phone plans available on the market with millions of add-on combinations.While choosing any new cell phone plans you become confused because not any one of them providing you personalized plan which suits your needs best.Right? The best choice depends on how you personally use your cell phone (for instance, who you call, when you call, how much you call, whether you use SMS, etc.)

To solve this problem, use this new application (BillShrink) that will allow you to interactively describe your wireless usage profile, and in return, receive comprehensive, real-time analysis and feedback on which plans are the best fit for you.

In short,it is cost saving tool.It will try to maximize your savings by finding lowst cost cell phone plans available in the market (including credit cards,gas cards etc).


BillShrink is a new very useful tool for saving you money on your cell phone,credit cards etc.It provides a free, web-based service that provides users with personalized recommendations for everyday services such as cell phone plans and credit cards. These recommendations are computed in real-time by matching your indicated usage profile against literally millions of different market options. The results enable you to view and compare options so that you can make a well-informed decision that maximizes your savings.

Simple To Use:

Upon entering the wireless application for the first time, you will be given the opportunity to provide your wireless usage profile. There are two options, as represented by the two tabs on the usage profile page. The first option is to “Manually Estimate Usage,” which allows you to use the interactive form to enter details about your usage (i.e. how many anytime minutes you use, how much you currently spend per month, whether you use text messaging, etc). The second option is to “Import My Bill.” With this method, BillShrink will automatically create your usage profile by analyzing the actual cell phone usage details from your most recent monthly billing statement.

Once you are in the application and reviewing your recommendations, you can see a summary of your usage profile in the top-left corner and may be able to refine your profile by selecting the “Edit Usage Profile” button.

How They Choose Plan:

They rank plans as a function of the two parameters that wireless subscribers tend to care most about: 1) how much a plan costs; and 2) which carriers will provide the best call quality. For cost, they use their in-depth understanding of how each plan is structured to calculate exactly how much your cell phone usage would cost on that plan.

Naturally, the plans that support your usage with the lowest associated cost are rated highest in the cost dimension. For call quality, they perform a comparison of the expected signal strength provided by each carrier’s network at the locations that matter most to you (i.e. at home, at work, etc). The carriers with the strongest network in those areas will rank the highest in the call quality dimension. Lastly, they combine the cost and coverage sub-rankings to come up with an aggregate plan rank.

What For Credit Cards Users:

It will help users who carry a balance find a card that is optimized for the best combination of financing rates and fees. It analyze all the cards on the market, compared against an individual’s usage profile, to determine the one that provides the lowest cost of ownership – accounting for introductory rates, regular interest rates, service fees, penalty rates, etc. As a result, you can see exactly how much it will cost you to carry any specific card and therefore save money by choosing the lowest-cost card.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Very nice cost saving tool.It will help all sort of users.This site is covering all major company and their services from telecom ,credit cards to gas company for tracking cost saving plans and their analysis.Thumbs up.

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