World’s only solar powered light bulb

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World’s only solar powered light bulb

Have you heared about world’s only solar powered light bulb?This business product idea could be greatly used in those developing countries where power is still not reached to all fellow citizens of their country. For instance, in india, there are million villiages which dont have power,so this solar powered light bulb can be great use for those million peoples who still lack basic things like light bulb and using old fashioned kerosne light.

Business Idea:

Nokero International, LTD. is based in Hong Kong,which has made the world’s only solar powered light bulb at a quality and price point that can not be met by traditional manufacturers / distributors.

Nokero is primarily meant to provide a safe, clean alternative to the fuel lanterns currently used by the 1.6 billion people worldwide who lack reliable access to electricity. It is durable, rainproof, and affordable enough to have practical use to impoverished people around the world who still burn dangerous and polluting kerosene lanterns.

Multiple Applications:

Nokero has multiple applications. It can provide emergency light during or after natural disasters, it can be an outdoor recreation and camping lantern, or it can be used in and around outdoor patios and marine craft.

On a full charge, Nokero lasts about four hours. The power of sunlight varies according to location, but a day of charging in full sun offers about two hours of light, or more if charged by strong equatorial sunlight.

Nokero’s four solar panels charge a 1000 milliamp NiMH battery housed inside the bulb. The bulb then delivers power to five LED bulbs mounted inside the globe. The bulb does not slowly become dimmer – when the battery runs out, the bulb shuts off automatically. It can then be recharged in sunlight and used again in any dark setting.

How To Buy:

Nokero is the world’s most affordable alternative to kerosene lanterns, and pays for itself within weeks or months if replacing a kerosene lantern. A single sample is $15 + shipping and handling. Bulk purchases of 1,000 or more receive significant discount (dealer/distributor applications available at

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