Women Leadership And Boardroom Discrimination

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Women Leadership And Boardroom Discrimination

From inception of human beings we are seeing all sort of discriminations from our society which is based on race,color,cast,country,region and gender etc.The most ugliest form of discrimination is gender discrimination.Why,so?After so much education and awarness still we are not free from our narrow mindness?Here is one interesting research on women leadership and gender discrimination in UK.

According to Creditsafe complaints of boardroom gender discrimination may be justified as there remains huge inequality in UK boardrooms with men still dominating the upper echelons of the company leadership. New research reveals that one in every 11 male UK adults holds at least one company directorship of a limited company registered at Companies House. This compares to just one in every 33 women in the adult population. A third (32%) of company boards of limited companies are headed up entirely by men. Limited companies with female only directorships represent just 10% of UK firms.

Creditsafe analysis appears to support complaints that gender inequality is still rife in the business world – three quarters (76%) of the directors of UK companies are revealed to be male. When analysing trends amongst start up businesses there has been a tiny shift in the last six months, with a greater proportion of women directors within new limited companies, but it has increased by a meagre one percentile. However, women may be better represented in the non-limited companies sector, running smaller enterprises.

Across Europe a familiar pattern of male domination remains, although Britain does compare favourably with Germany. In Germany just one in five company directors is female (20%) compared to 80% of men. France is comparable with the UK with men making up three quarters (75%) of directors and women making up just a quarter (25%)

Creditsafe’s research demonstrates that companies headed up by women often have more efficient financial processes that those headed up solely by men. Organisations with women only directors are on average 51%** more efficient at collecting monies owed compared to companies with male only boards. Companies that have only female directors pay their invoices on average 49% quicker than those with just men on the board.

Rachael Marking, marketing manager, Creditsafe, commented: “It is disappointing that boardrooms across Europe remain so male dominated. Over 90 years after women were afforded the right to vote huge inequality remains, now is the time to fight for business suffrage. We need to look at the barriers that are preventing women reaching the upper echelons of limited companies and break them down.”

“We need to invest more in business intelligence in the UK, understanding who is running our companies. By researching an organisation, its directors and financial performance companies can make more informed judgements when assessing the risk of trading with that enterprise. Has a company director a history of starting up and then liquidating failing enterprises, or do they have a demonstrable track record of good financial management? Taking a few minutes to research a director’s performance record can pay huge dividends.”

In the UK companies headed entirely by women, compared to those headed entirely by men, are prominent in the health and social work sectors where 39% of firms have female only directors. This is followed by education, social and personal services. The sectors with the lowest proportion of firms run by women are in the utilities, mining and construction industries.

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