Tango health for managing your health saving account online got VC funding

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Tango health  for managing your health saving account online got VC funding


Tango health is web based service which is focusing on providing health services to consumers to let them know and mange their health saving accounts in a better and efficient way. In other words, Tango Health is made for employers and employees to easily manage their Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and save the tax dollars they deserve. It would help employers and individuals to get the maximum benefit from HSAs. It would help– from long-term savers to people who don’t want to fund their accounts.

Why It Could Work:

Due to lack of awareness both employees and employers pay unnecessary taxes because eligible individuals fail to open and fully utilize their HSAs. Here this tool would come handy if you missed any opportunities regarding your health saving accounts then Tango Health can help you to let you know about all the happenings releated to your HSA account.

Useful Features:

Easily identify and track HSA-qualifying transactions from an automatic feed from most major credit cards.

Manually enter cash or other transactions.

Store and archive receipts.

Set annual HSA Contribution targets.

Change payroll deduction amounts based on their individual goals, historical medical spending, or actual eligible but un-reimbursed expenses.

Reimburse directly and easily to a personal account.

How Much VC Fundings They Got:

It has got around $3 000,000 series A round of funding from S3 ventures.

VC Details:

S3 Ventures is a group of entrepreneurs who successfully built technology and medical companies into great returns for investors. They invest primarily in early stage ventures. This can be several team members who have a unique technology that can become a category defining opportunity, or a more defined company seeking to launch after significant engagement with customers and a technology that is approaching market readiness. Investment sizes can start at $100,000 for a seed round, and move to several million for a more traditional Series A or B financing.

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