How To Launch Location Based Marketing Campaign For Your Brand

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How To Launch Location Based Marketing Campaign For Your Brand

Location based services is quite popular among all sort of internet users as it can help you to find location specific information which is relevant to you. Have you opened any new company, retail store, or any other kind of business and want to market it in your local area then you can use Geotoko’s location specific service to launch your marketing campaign.


Geotoko is an easy to use platform that allows brands, businesses and agencies to create their own branded location-based promotions (e.g. sweepstakes, contests, give-aways) and to simultaneously publish them on multiple location-based services like foursquare, gowalla, facebook places, yelp, twitter etc.

Launch your marketing campaign faster

Not only it will market your location based campaign instead it can also help you to know what impact your market campaign has on people and how they have received your products or services. Its also providing live visitor tracking and heat mapping to launch your marketing campaign faster.

Best Part is:

It is providing different types of campaigns like give-aways, instant win, loyalty campaigns and check-in sweepstakes. These can all be used through the site, and if you use its white-label version of Geotoko then you would be able to brand every single campaign.

Easily upload and manage thousands of locations on one powerful platform. It’ll automatically match your locations to venues on Foursquare & Facebook Places

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