Shared Phone- Use Cell Phone Without Handset

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Shared Phone- Use Cell Phone Without Handset

Nobody can imagine life without cell phone in the present world. Its become our lifeline without which we cannot live a second. Billion hours are spend by billion peoples on their cell phones by talking over the cell phones or sending sms,surfing social networking sites etc.

But,many developed countries are still not that affluent in using these new technologies.Shared phone which is based on cloud technologies(cloud means open share innovation) can be very useful in those places where not every person can buy a phone.

Shared phone is based on very unique concept and it would work for sure,as we can see, active communication based technology become backbone of growth.

Shared phone can be called cloud phone as well, which can be used by any person .It means that anybody can access any cell phone services, even those people who dont have their own personal handset can use other people’s shared phones.

In Company’s Words:

Shared phone is based on MXShare’s platform which when installed in the mobile network enables people who cannot afford to buy a handset to have a fully functioning Cloud Phone which they access using other people’s shared phones.

Why It Could Work:

It will help all mobile operators to realise very low cost mobile phone services for the one billion people in BoP who use mobile phone services today, but cannot afford or do not wish to buy a handset. These people share phones with family and friends, use street side payphones managed by agents or community phones.

Today these people are anonymous users, who find it difficult to make and receive calls and near impossible to receive private text messages or mobile payments. With a Cloud Phone they are an identified subscriber, with their own phone number and prepaid phone account.

Easy To Use:

The system requires no special handsets, SIM cards, or additional client software; it works instantly on all basic mobile handsets available today in Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asia. Further since all information is transmitted between the handset and the MXShare server using secure channles the user does not have any privacy issues of leaving information on a borrowed handset.

Real time tracking

Not only does the system enable real time communication when the subscriber is logged in, but the system also manages the subscriber’s offline activity, tracking missed calls, sending notification alerts to friends or nearby village phone operators.

Earn while sharing phone:

People who is sharing their phone or handsets( phone owner) would receives a credit in the form of money for sharing, either a one-off fixed amount or a percentage of the cost of the call or transaction as an incentive to share the handset.

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