Now use youtube more easily in your own language

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Now use youtube more easily in your own language


YouTube is coming out with new features which can help other countries users other than english speaking nations like: Arabic, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese! to use youtube more easily in their own language.

Useful new features:

The video editor lets you combine and trim your videos right on, without installing any software. Now you can add transitions, like crossfades and wipes, between video clips.

Transitions tab:

Just select the transitions tab in the media picker, drag the transition and drop it between any two videos in the storyboard.

Filter By Categories:

YouTube Charts can now be filtered by categories such as Comedy, Gaming and Pets & Animals, in addition to time and popularity “slices.

HD results:

When you search for a video on YouTube, the search results now show HD and CC (Closed Caption) badges, in addition to the NEW, CHANNEL and PLAYLIST badges that already exist. If you click on the badge, it will filter out results that don’t fall under that category.

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