Mukesh Ambani-India’s richest man-8000 crores new home

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Mukesh Ambani-India’s richest man-8000 crores new home

Money rules the world as we know and can see since inception of human race. Living life like a king size is everybody’s dream. Mukesh ambani is one of the few blessed one who is living his dream as his father Dhiru bhai ambani used to say that dream big then only you can live your dream one day.

Mukes ambani is richest man of india and 5th richest in world according to Forbes.He has built a new home in Mumbai city which cost around 8000 crores or 1600million dollar.
This house is named as“Antila” Its name is taken from mythical island in Atlantic,Antillia.It is designed by Chicago architect ,Perkins and Wills.Its design is inspired by hanging garden in babyloan.
Its built up area is 48,780sqft.This house have 27 storey huge building and is located in Southern Mumbai, It is made of full of glass tower .Its around570 feet in height.. The first six story of the building is for the garage where around 160 cars can be parked. Antilia building have nine elevators. Its lobby is grand which is comprises of large lounges, and a ballroom.

Special features of this home is ,it have a swimming pool, a mini-theatre,helipad,health club and salon and around 600 employees of his company can live in this building.

Mukesh ambani and Nita ambani with their three childrens are planning and almost ready to move in this new home at the upcoming festive season on October 28th, 2010. The top floors will be used by ambani family.

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