Get offers and discounts for walking into stores

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Get offers and discounts for walking into stores

Imagine if you can get offers and discounts for walking into stores.This new business ( shopkick app) idea would help retail owners to attract more customers to their stores.

As we can see at the start of every festival sessions many retail stores start discounting heavily on their multiple products for their consumers ,but, I’m sure not any of the retail stores would have thought of giving reward or offers to those customers who just visited or check-in, their stores. It sounds crazy? Why any retail store would reward any customers for just entering in their shop while not buying anything. See the idea is invented and developed by shopkick which is the first mobile app that solely focus on giving reward to those customers who just check in ,any stores.

In other simple words, it gives you rewards and offers simply for walking into stores. You can collect kickbucks and bonuses at nearly all places around you.You can collect kickbucks for checking in to many places around you! You can collect kickbucks by scanning products in stores with your phone.You can redeem your kickbucks for cool rewards like gift cards, iPads, music downloads, donations to causes, and much more!

Business Idea :

Shopkick works directly with retailers to provide in-store rewards for certain actions like walking in the door or scanning a bar code. Its not rewarding users with virtual goods or contextual information like user reviews, instead it directly offer kickbacks, discounts, and real-world incentives for customers.

The idea is that everything you do earns you points, or “kickbucks,” which can be redeemed for anything from Facebook Credits to gift cards. Check in to a store and get a couple of points; physically walk in and get even more points. Scan the barcodes of certain items and the points roll in. As you go, the app begins suggesting deals and offering discounts.

Shopkick has partnered with Macy’s, Best Buy, Sports Authority, American Eagle Outfitters and the Simon Property Group (an operator of malls across the country).

Scan products:

Shopkick scan screen will show you products you can scan for kickbucks. To scan an item, check in to the store with the item and then tap on it. Your phone will switch to camera mode and you should hold it in front of the barcode of the product. After a few seconds, the barcode should be recognized.

How To Use:

To verify your phone number, just tap on “Account Settings” under the “More” tab. From there, tap on “verify my phone number.” You will receive a text message with a code and a link – you can verify by entering in your code or by tapping on the link.

Simply click the “Use it” button and the offer will be ready to use. When you are ready to purchase, click the “Checkout” button and the phone will be ready to display the codes to the cashier.

Simply tell the cashier at Best Buy that you are a shopkick user and give them your cell phone number. Any applicable shopkick discount will automatically and magically appear on your receipt.

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