Dinner in the sky-Dance,drink,meet or marry in the sky

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Dinner in the sky-Dance,drink,meet or marry in the sky

Imagine if you can dance,drink,meet or even marry in the sky? Weird? Not really, you can do all these things in reality as one of the companies is offering a very unique service for those people who love to experiments with their lifestyle. Dinner in the Sky is one of that kind of company which is offering and managing all special events which is held in sky.

Dinner in the Sky is just like a real restaurants but its not only resturaents more than that because it is providing you experience which you must never had a chance to feel or explore earlier, as who would imagine that floating table in sky where we can sit or floating conference room where we can chit chat or even floating event hall where we can get married all in the sky. You think its dream, no, here is a place which offers you all what I described you.

Dinner in the sky:

Dinner in the sky is built of eight lightening tables with central bar where people can sit. Its seats are just like on any airplane seats. .Just enjoy the place, it lets you share a dinner or a glass of champagne with friends with soothing music sounds or they can also arrange a bridge or poker; sip Chivas while enjoying a fine Havana cigar while being entertained by French dancers; even you can participate in a quiz or a talk show broadcast live from the stars or can attend a DJ jam session .You can enjoy all these things in sky all from an altitude of 50 meters.

Lifetime Experience:

People who are looking for romantic dinner would never forget this lifetime experience its made in such a way that you would feel greater intimacy with your partner while spending time at this place.

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