How to find out if you are entitled to any gov tax benefits

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How to find out if you are entitled to any gov tax benefits

What Company Is Offering:

Entitledto has unique experience in helping people find out about entitlements online. They have provided a free web-based calculator to help people work out their entitlement to benefits and tax credits. Their public calculator currently performs over millions calculations a year.

How To Find Out:

By spending five minutes filling in some basic details about yourself, your pay and status, you can find out if you are entitled to any government benefits. The site, which is free and funded by the sales of software to local authorities and other organisations, will list all the tax credits and benefits you should be claiming. Well worth a look considering the amount going unclaimed.

Their products include E2Adviser Web based benefit calculator designed for use by benefit advisers. It provides sophisticated ‘what if’ calculations and case management functions.

Interesting Features:

E2Mobile Smartphone based add-on to the E2Adviser product for mobile workers and home visitors.

E2Calc A benefits calculator designed for local authorities and other organisations which can seamless integrate into their own websites.

E2Claim A complete claims solution allowing a Claim Form to be generated as a PDF or electronically transfered to an organisations back office systems.

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