Ultra-luxury floating palace aircraft

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Ultra-luxury floating palace aircraft

ML866 is a uniquely designed aircraft for luxry airtravel.With its 64 meter long and 36 meter wide, this aircraft has maximum speed of 138 mph with range more than 3000 miles.

ML866 design airship is a giant airship.The world airline designers have decided to create a play full of helium in the large, ultra-luxury floating palace. It is bigger than half a football field area,it is made in that way that people can enjoy life on air travel, it is another way of a new luxury lifestyle where people can enjoy its restaurant, auditorium, swimming pool, spa, massage suite, yoga facilities, beauty salon equipment everything on airtravel .Its like your city is flying.


Although the airship for modern traffic, it is not really fast speed, even if the speed of the existing double airship, or can not meet the transportation needs of the people. But for private or business travel, the airship’s wide and comfort is more exciting . Its wide to accommodate space and a comfortable platform, the airship 64 meters long, 30 meters wide, covering an area bigger than half a standard football field .

Think What!

Amazing thing is,it is floating in the air like a super yacht, although speed is not fast, but the farthest distance it can fly 5,000 km, take them, land mountains, oceans and other natural beauty of the snow in the foot at a glance .

ML866 vertical takeoff and landing capability allowed the landing or take-off runway whether or not subject to restrictions on the mast(tall poles on ships), either stop down the runway, you can stop in any open space, as long as space is large enough to accommodate the airship.


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