Simple Ways To Use Twitter Places

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Simple Ways To Use Twitter Places

Do you know how to use twitter places? Sharing your location with tweet is quite easy just follow these simple steps.

Steps To Follow:


First thing you should do is, just activate the Tweet with Your Location Feature.


Now just click the arrow next to your location, located directly under the box where you’d normally type a Tweet.


Now you can review the list of nearby places. If you see your location, hover over and click from its initial locations list.

Search Many Places:

Even you can search many other places and locations as well.


Just click the “Search places” option. After that just click the magnifying glass icon to search for the place you wish to associate with your Tweet.

Want to add a location, just follow steps listed above and after that click Add this place!

You can use the Zoom-in (+) or zoom-out (-) buttons located in the top left corner then just drag the pin located in the bottom right to the location of the location

Now just click ‘Next’. The place will then appear in your Tweet Box.
After you’ve posted your Tweet, viewers will be able to click the geo-pin next to the location information to see the Point of Interest on a map with Tweets near that area.


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