Search and contact people for jobs without signing up or logging in on Tischen

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Search and contact people for jobs without signing up or logging in on Tischen

Tischen is built on the idea of erasing unemployment as much as possible. Tischen is founded on the belief that everyone needs help to get stuff done and everyone has some useful skill to offer. And that by pairing these two sides up, everyone can stay productive, financially healthy, and fulfilled, even in times of deep economic crisis.

What Company Is Offering:

Tischen is a platform where those in need of help can search for it, and those in need of work can have a web presence to display what skills they offer and when they are available to accept work.

Publicly accessible directory anyone can search

One of the most unique feature of this site is a publicly accessible directory which anyone can search and contact people on Tischen without signing up or logging in.

Anytime Availability:

You will find a highlighting not only skills, but also availability users post their time schedule, and visitors can see who is available “right now”.

Contact button sends the job request straight to the user:

It is focusing on direct & immediate contact .Its contact button sends the job request straight to the user to accept or decline.

Job hunting + social networking

It offer users an added layer of trust to their hiring decisions by allowing them to see whether a person is known through mutual friends, who can be contacted to vouch for the person.

Find micro jobs too:

Its site uniquely focuses on micro jobs, the random odd job, the freelance project, but also appeals to the seasoned professional; they have a diverse group of people signed up already, from lawyer to math tutor, from web developer to wait staff, and so on.

Everyone can have web presence:

The site’s usability & page creation process allow everyone to have a web presence, regardless of their web savviness.

What is the business model of company :

The business model is a freemium model. Freemium is a business model that works by offering basic Web services, or a basic downloadable digital product, for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features.(wikipedia)

Free Offers:

They have put almost all value and functionality into the free accounts.

In their own words:

They believe the site can work because it already has getting the feedback for the site which is overwhelmingly positive. People have been signing up regularly and many are already receiving jobs directly through the site. In today’s economy, having an online web presence is a distinct advantage – if not yet a necessity – to landing a job or selling your skills. My biggest hope is that our site’s reach includes those who may otherwise not have access to a web presence or a way to advertise their skills online.

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