Medialets—Little Ads Big Impact

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Medialets—Little Ads Big Impact

What Company Is Offering:
Medialets builds, promotes and monetizes the world’s leading ad network and platform for engaging iPhone applications. It connect brands, developers and consumers to make impressions that last. Its not an ad network, its just provide the technology, tools and services that enable publishers, developers, advertisers and even ad networks and ad mediators, to deliver high-value rich media into iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

How It Works:

Medialets works with advertisers and developers to embed creative, rich media ads directly into native apps built specifically for the iPhone. Similar to traditional display advertising, Medialets delivers a rich media experience to consumers using CPM, CPC and CPA ad models.

The only difference is that instead of running in Web browsers, these ads run directly on iPhone devices as part of the applications. Applications with embedded ads are distributed through the iTunes App Store built into the phone. A performance-based revenue share is then paid to the app developer or owner.

Amazing Features:

Medialets can report to both publishers and advertisers what content influences engagement with ads, details about the ads and how users interact with them, and how far down the marketing or purchasing path consumers ultimately go beyond the ad itself. All of this data helps publishers better service their advertisers and helps advertisers make better ads and placement decisions.

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