How to avoid loosing your precious tweets

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How  to avoid loosing your precious tweets

Twitter is now become part of our internet life. Many companies and startups are developing new and unique applications which are solely based on twitter or enhancing twitter usability for users.

In that addition, one new application being come out which is called Tweet Nest. This new tool will be helpful to all twitter addict as it can back up, archive and customize your tweeted database, in that way you can also see your oldest pr even a year back tweets. So if you wish there was some way you could take a look back and see what you tweeted around this time last year then this tool will help you in find that tweet easily.

Store & Browse All tweets:

You can use Tweet Nest to easily store, browse and search amongst your tweets to find exactly what you’re looking for, and let others do the same. New-style retweets, geographic places and links to original tweets included.

Not to loose precious tweets :

Tweet Nest serves as a backup of your precious tweets on your own server. Tweets that might grow too old to be retrieved from will not fade out here, allowing you to go back in time as much as possible.

User Friendly:

Tweet Nest offers an easier way of viewing your tweets at a glance, as they include thumbnails of media like photos hosted on common providers, such as TwitPic.

Elegant View:

For every month view you get an elegant yet simple bar chart of the amount of tweets, retweets and replies you’ve sent every day.

Customize Yourself:

Tweet Nest is something you host on your own server, so if you know your web development awesomesauce, you can make your tweet archive your own by easily changing color values in the config file, or even changing the behaviour of the whole thing by changing the stylesheet or some of the other code if you so wish.

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