Faster Way To Print Anything

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Faster Way To Print Anything

Are you fed up with the slow speed of your printer and want to do something about it? Here is one simple solution which you can opt for speeding up your printer speed. Yes, you can do that by using some simple tips.

Just adjust the print spooler option. In general what happen is printer spooler holds your prints for some time after that it send to printer for print out.

By default on every printer, printer spooler option is enabled but you can turn off it and can change the file which can be directly send to the printer instead of going to spooled.

Steps To Follow:


For Turning off spooler option just go to Start> Setting > Printers.


Now just right click on the icon of the printer that you are using.


Now just click properties and select the advanced tab.

Now just click on “Print directly to printer” option.

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