LCD Shaped Futuristic Refrigerator

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LCD Shaped Futuristic Refrigerator

This 21st cent would be known for most innovative gadgets discovered for our daily life for sure,reality is , now we can’t live without these high class useful gadgets. It’s become so much part of our lifestyle. I’m quite admirer of Electrolux ‘s high class gadgets as they come with most innovative designs for all their products. Recently, they have come up with this refrigerator concept which is designed by Marcela Guarnizo . Its LCD shaped refrigerator just like a working table with lot of space.This refrigerator can be used for not only cold but warm and hot food as well.

Unique Features:

Different colors show different temperatures.Blue lights means for cold and red for hot. By using its smart glass you can easily know more about the food and how fresh is your stored food, apart from that it could also tell you how to cook and for how long the food can be stored. UV light acts as a purifying device to provide clean drinking water. Other unique feature is, it provides some greenery. The flowerpot under the storage space gives greenery by using water that comes from the fridge.


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