User Controlled Radio- You Decide What Plays On The Air

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What Company Is Offering:

Jelli is totally user-controlled radio which will enable its users to take over a radio station using their web browsers. Jelli empowers the community to interact with the broadcast in real-time and determine dynamically what plays on the air.

How It Works:

From the Tuner page, you can see all the stations available on Jelli. Each station has a catalog of songs and it’s up the community to decide what plays. Click on a station to see what’s currently playing and what artists or bands have recently played, so you can get a feel for what the community on that station is listening to. You can also see how active the station is by looking at the “radioactivity” meter – this is an indicator of how many people are online on that station right now.
To go to a station, click “Tune in”. You’ll be taken to that station’s home page, where you can click “Listen” to hear what’s playing, and start voting and chatting with other listeners to decide what plays next.
You can change stations at any time by clicking on the “Change Station” button in the On Air area from a station’s home page, or click the “Tuner” link at the top of a page to go back to the Tuner to see what’s happening on all the Jelli stations.

How Much It Got From VC Funding:

It has received $7 million Series A round of funding which is led by Battery Ventures, with participation from First Round Capital.

VC Details:

Battery has raised nearly $3B since inception, and they are currently investing BV VIII, a $750M fund. Through more than 25 years of technology investing, they have developed a keen understanding of how markets and customers work. They blend its first-hand knowledge with intensive research to uncover the most promising people, businesses and market opportunities.know more at:

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