Scvngr- Now play Real-world mobile games free

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Scvngr- Now play Real-world mobile games  free

Love to play games?Have you played Scvngr game ever? Then ,good is news,now you can play this game for free.Scvngr has announced that it will offer its game free for individuals and small business.

What Is Scvnger:

logo28Scvngr is a platform that lets individuals and institutions all across the world take their creativity, their ideas, their imagination and build it into sophisticated real-world mobile games, tours, alternate reality games and other interactive experiences that can be enjoyed from any mobile device on any carrier. And to do all of this quickly, easily and without needing any technical backing.

Updates & Announcement:

Scvnger Inc., a Boston-based startup with over 600 large enterprise clients, has made an announcement that its services will now be accessible for free for small businesses and individuals. Its enterprise clients, ranging from the U.S. Navy to cities like Philadephia, use Scvngr’s mobile game platform to deploy scavenger hunts and small challenges. Scvngr hopes this decision will greatly expand their business and reach.

Founder Seth Priebatsch aims to allow any business, small or large, to build a challenge, but will charge only enterprise customers to access the toolkit, which includes a robust analytics system. A challenge essentially allows users to check-in to a location, take a photo, solve a riddle, scan a QR code, or do an activity. By completing challenges, users earn points and unlock features. Priebatsch feels that users checking into a place and getting points for doing some rudimentary acts like making purchases is not at all fun and in stark contrast to fun game play.Via(soctimes)

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