Sofa With Built -in iPod,speakers

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Sofa With Built -in iPod,speakers

Enjoy everything on your sofa from music to movies to soothing massage.Great stress buster for all busy business peoples who want to get relaxed in a few minutes.


Berkline recliners let you relax with a variety of special styles and features to choose from. Its “Concert Series” features include built–in stereo speakers and a subwoofer for concert quality sound from your MP3 player, iPod or other audio source. Special motors add realistic vibration that’s in sync with your movie, music or video game. The motors also provide a soothing massage, and all functions are easily controlled at the touch of a button.
Optional PowerRecline lets you effortlessly recline to your favorite position, and the space–saving Wallaway design lets you fully recline within inches of the wall for greater decorating flexibility.

The ChaiseLounger design offers continuous, head–to–toe support when reclined, and the Rock–A–Lounger® option features an exclusive mechanism that lets you rock or recline.

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