Pawnbrokers -Quick Way To Borrow Money Got VC funding

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Pawnbrokers -Quick Way To Borrow Money Got VC funding

What Company Is Offering:

Pawnbrokers offer a quick, convenient and time proven way to borrow money. A pawnbroker will not do a credit check, a pawn loan will never show up on your credit report and there are no legal consequences if the obligation is not repaid. Internet Pawn simply allows you to do this from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

How It Works:


How Much It Got From VC Funding:

It has received $ 1.5 million Series A round of equity funding which is led by Daylight Partners and Access Ventures ,this funding will help the company to expand its base.

VC Details:

Daylight Partners take an active role in helping mid-stage companies turbo-charge their growth initiatives. While having made investments nationally, Daylight Partners has a particular affinity for Texas-based companies.Daylight Partners is a unique venture capital firm which seeks out entrepreneurs who value its operational experience and functional expertise as much as its capital commitment to their venture.know more at:

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