YouTourney -Creating A Video Tournaments

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YouTourney -Creating A Video Tournaments

War and play on youtube, yes, this new platform created by YouTourney to play the battle and fight of videos.You can submit your videos and pitch it against each other to play the video tournaments.

What Company Is Offering:

youtourney_logoYouTourney is an interesting concept that allows you to create and participate in video tournaments .Each videos will fight against each other and matchups and users vote for which video they like better in each matchup. The entry with the most votes moves on to the next round of the tournament.Anyone can vote on any matchup. You don’t even need to be logged in. You can only vote once per matchup, but if that video moves onto the next round, you can vote for it again then.To submit videos to tournaments, you’ll need a YouTourney account. It’s free and simple to sign up. Just click the red “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner of the site.

How It Works:

Anyone can submit any video to a tournament (it doesn’t have to be your video). Each video can only be submitted to a tournament once, but a video can be submitted to many different tournaments. All videos must come from third-party websites such as YouTube. Submitting a video is as easy as copying the link from that site, quickly explaining why the video is a good fit for the tournament, and tagging the entry with a few key words.

Once you submit your entry and it is up for voting, you can promote your video using widgets to get other people to vote for your submission.Anyone can create any tournament they want! All you need is a YouTourney account. Creating a tournament is simple, and once you set the options it’ll run itself! All you have to do is moderate the entries if you choose to. If you want, you can create a welcome video to explain the tournament and engage your entrants even more.

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