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By Vineet at April 5, 2010 | 8:19 pm | Print–Effectively promote your business online

Promoting a business with good marketing skills require lot of out of box thinking and planning,the most important thing in any business is ,how you put your product to masses and when, timing should be right and tools for marketing should be innovative to make enough curiosity among consumer’s mind.Good marketing means, you won haif of the battle,now if your product is just average even then you can rise in market substantially. So, if you are looking for some marketing tools online,then use this new site which help you to create a proactive online marketing tools.

What Company Is Offering:

wowzzy-logoIt is providing business owners with proactive online marketing tools. It is to develop tools to make your marketing efforts easier and more effective and to help businesses prospect for leads. WOWzzy’s successive releases have focused on an expanded “box” of marketing tools called the ezSmart Site.

Some Unique Features:

ezSmart includes business updates, a targeted mailing list creator, e-coupons, email blasts, templates for newsletters and flyers, a contact management system, an interactive calendar for online appointment scheduling, business networking tools and opportunities, visitor and marketing campaign tracking reports and much more.Your ezSmart Site is the vehicle to showcase your business. Your ezSmart Site is what the public will see. You manage your ezSmart Site from your user dashboard. Your user dashboard is filled full of interactive tools so you can effectively promote your business online.

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