Hybrid concept motorbike

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Hybrid concept motorbike

Hybrid concept motorbike which is designed by Igor Chak.This kind of motorbike would be future of driving as its smooth in driving and can cope with any collisions well.It has 3D LCD screen with real time GPS navigation.It is designed in a such a way that it can resist all heats of your engine and make your driving pleasant without any fear of bursting engine.

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This new concept Motorcycle is based on aerodynamic design .It features a 505 V-twin engine, 50% of which is made of highly reinforced and heat resistant plastic, generating 140 horse power. It is also designed with unique dual airbag for ultimate safety and keeps the bike straight and stable in case of front end collision.
The onboard computer can show warnings and necessary maintenance to be done through a 3D LCD screen. The bike also features a real time GPS navigation ability and an augmented reality technology to make driving even more interesting and convenient. Additionally, it can wirelessly control a mobile device with major OSs like iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Android, etc on the bike’s main display.

More at:http://www.igorchak.com/conceptual/


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