Google Romance

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Google Romance

Google is like water just everywhere ,as without water life have no use, so is internet without Google have no life.Google know this and that’s why they are coming with new products almost everyday to make our internet life more lively and fruitful.


images_logo_lg2Google Inc. today announced the launch of Google Romance, a new product that offers users both a psychographic matchmaking service and all-expenses-paid dates for couples who agree to experience contextually relevant advertising throughout the course of their evening.

How It Works:

Google Romance users who find one another via Soulmate Search™ may then select the Contextual Dating option, which offers an all-expenses-paid romantic evening in exchange for viewing contextually relevant advertising throughout the course of the users’ date . “Our internal projections say Contextual Dating is going to be unbelievably huge, just a total cash cow,” said Google CEO Eric Schmidt in prepared remarks placed into the notes section of an executive PowerPoint presentation and intended solely for internal use but promptly leaked onto the web and then roundly mocked on Digg and Slashdot.


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