Business With A Social Cause–Company Which Recruit Only Autistic People

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Many of us who are disabled ,lack confidence , and in most cases spent their time in wilderness as society dont give much importance to them.Getting work for disabled people is not that easy as most of company dont recruit them on some or other grounds.I recently came across one company in Mumbai named Mirakle which only employ deaf peoples for their courier service.In that series I find one more company which is based in Denmark employ only autism people in its company.Its business with social cause..We should applaud them for their courage to do a business with some strong mission and messages to society.

Mads, employee at Specilisterne, told ABC News he hadn’t been able to keep a job in 20 years before landing his current job. He told us, “Most of my colleagues are like me … we have in common to be weird.”
Thorkill Sonne, who founded Specilisterne in Copenhagen, believes that everyone does not have to fit in socially-accepted little boxes. He means to change the nature of that box completely. He is turning disability on its head, hiring his employees because of their ability. Sonne says workers with high-functioning autism have different brain wiring that gives them an edge.
Sonne told ABC News, “they have a good memory, they have very strong attention to details, they are persistent … within their area of motivation and they follow instructions.”
But this is not a charity; employees need to turn a profit to remain employed. Sonne believes you need to please your customers with a service or you are out of business.

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