Mobiado –Luxury Mobile Gold Phones

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Mobiado –Luxury Mobile Gold Phones

Company which has build their products on unique innovation and great design, always create sensation in their target consumers mind.People who love luxury products ,always have very unique tastes, and they just latch on if they find any new innovative products to use.In luxury brands ,Mobiado is clear winner since its inception,they have created many new gadgets and always been successful with them.Mobiado has achieved a legacy of design innovation. Mobiado has taken pride in being a distinctively different and innovative manufacturer, producing the finest, and most technologically advanced mobile phones. Mobiado is coming with new luxury brand gadgets which is called Classic712GCB.


Mobiado, the manufacturer of precision luxury mobile phones – continues the tradition of luxury gold phones with the stunning masterpiece; the Classic 712GCB.
About Company:

Mobiado is the hallmark of some of the most famous mobile phones ever created: the 2004 Professional was the first CNC machined phone to be created from aircraft aluminum…the 2005 Professional EM was the first exotic wood phone to be produced…the 2007 Luminoso was the first phone to use sapphire crystal buttons and the first 3G luxury phone…the 2008 Professional 105ZAF was the first phone to have its entire front and back created from sapphire crystal…the 105GMT was the first mechanical watch phone…the 2009 Grand 350PRL was the first 3.5G and full keyboard luxury phone, and the first phone to use mother of pearl…and the 2009 Grand 350 Pioneer was the first phone to use meteorite.

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