Internet Access As A Fundamental Rights?

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It is true that the last century would remembered in history as a internet revolution.All boundaries has ceased to exist and connecting with anyone ,anywhere in world is just click away.Its not surprising that most of the internet users are demanding internet access as fundamental rights.

BBC Reported:

Four in Five Regard Internet Access as a Fundamental Right: Global Poll

Four in five adults (79%) regard internet access as their fundamental right, according to a new global poll conducted across 26 countries for BBC World Service.The poll of more than 27,000 adults conducted by GlobeScan found that 87 per cent of those who used the internet felt that internet access should be “the fundamental right of all people.”More than seven in ten (71%) non-internet users also felt that they should have the right to
access the web.Countries where very high proportions regarded internet access as their fundamental right
included South Korea (96%), Mexico (94%), and China (87%).
Most web users are very positive about the changes the internet has brought to their lives,
with strong support for the information available, the greater freedom it brings and social
networking. However there was caution about expressing opinions online and fraud.
Nearly four in five (78%) said they felt it had brought them greater freedom, nine in ten
(90%) said they thought it was a good place to learn, and just over half (51%) said they now
enjoyed spending their spare time on social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace.

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