Huge wave of pre-launch demand for the iPad

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Huge wave of pre-launch demand for the iPad

According to one research report, iPad demands growing at rapid pace even before its launch , it gives us clear picture that it could ruin the market of Amazon’s e-Reader for sure.
ChangeWave Report says:

A ChangeWave survey of 3,171 consumers – conducted in the aftermath of that Apple announcement (Feb 1-10) – shows a huge wave of pre-launch demand for the iPad and offers key evidence that the Apple tablet will have a major impact on the e-Reader, laptop and home entertainment markets.

Moreover, the survey shows Amazon (AMZN) and its e-Reader competitors are poised to take a big hit early on from the iPad’s entry into their market.

The survey is a follow-up to a January ChangeWave survey that was conducted before the Steve Jobs announcement and which also found that an Apple tablet device would elicit a major wave of demand among consumers.

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