Business Link encourages entrepreneurship for those with an idea even if they lack funding or experience

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Rene Carayol’s Business Link interview encourages entrepreneurship for those with an idea even if they lack funding or experience

René Carayol said, “Some of the best local businesses I’ve come across, have come from the unlikeliest places. People who have no heritage or background in running businesses. People who perhaps aren’t in the most fortunate positions, people who perhaps…… you’d think the last thing they’re going to do is go and start a business – well think again.

“If you’re really up for it, you’ve got a good idea, your determined to succeed, then start talking to people about your idea, your business opportunity. You don’t need to be wealthy, you don’t need to have all the cash in place, you don’t have to have all the expertise in place, you’ve got the germ, you’ve got that idea and you are committed, go and see Business Link – you’ll be stunned by what you can achieve.”

Few Case Studies Which Is Helped By Business Link

Alex Szabo and South Coast Animal Ambulance – Horsham, West Sussex
Dyslexia is no bar to Alex Szabo’s unique business venue – South Coast Animal Ambulance
Moving a Burmese python is all in a day’s work for 29 year old dyslexic Alex Szabo who started his business South Coast Animal Ambulance, with advice and support from Business Link. Having a love of animals is one thing, but turning it into a profitable business can be a challenge when you don’t have a veterinary qualification.

Mark Turrell and Laura Morgans, Martells ‘n’ Hoodies – Dartford, Kent
Constructing Youth Employment Opportunities Through Social Enterprise
A new social enterprise Martells N Hoodies, begun by Mark Turrell with support and guidance from Business Link, is helping to transform the lives of 10 young people in Kent by teaching them valuable building skills which directly benefit their local communities.

Gavin and Leon, Launchpad Platform – Reading, Berkshire
Leon and Gavin use Business Link to help start their own social enterprise – Launchpad Platform
A chance meeting at a Business Link seminar and a common goal of self employment led Leon Clarke from Reading and Gavin Aldrich from West London to form their marketing and design agency, Launchpad Platform in November 2009. Whilst there are many marketing based businesses in Berkshire, this new social enterprise has been formed with a social purpose; to provide the socially excluded with a means to learn new skills that can help them fulfil their potential.

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