When Dog Gave An Interview

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We, people have created many beautiful things,invented great ideas,made amazing new places to live and work and even able to explore the entire universe but sometimes we fail to understand ourselves ,our own personality or action which seems sometimes so absurd.Here is one example..

The dog world was abuzz this week when Sadie the Scottish terrier took top honors at the venerable Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. She became the first pooch to win the “triple crown,” after her earlier victories at the National Dog Show and the American Kennel Club Show.


A set routine is followed, with the judge for the group first probing the dog’s physical characteristics, then observing its gait and presentation as it shows its stuff for the crowd. (Again the echoes of manager selection are inescapable for someone who has been through that drill.)

To the uninitiated, the next part seems like hocus-pocus, but I’m sure to devotees it’s not. The judge, after having spent a short time with each of the dogs, and maybe seeing them take one last comparative walk, selects the best of the group.


The winners of the seven groups are to meet in the ring to determine which is the champion dog of the year. The judge is shown arriving in style, having been “sequestered for two days.” He spends a short time with the dogs and pronounces the winner. It all seems a bit perfunctory to the uneducated.

Having seen the swings of emotional momentum in the markets and how they build over time, I could only wonder about whether the same things happen in the show world too. I had a hint when one of the announcers responding to the choice said something like, “Many people were enamored already before the announcement.” Yes, this dog was the it girl and Westminster was the culmination of her coming out.

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