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What Company Is Offering:

MixMobi is a tool for creating coupons on mobile.You can share created mobile coupons with your customers, and measure results in realtime .Your MixMobi offer reaches every web-enabled cellphone and smartphone, giving you 100% reach every offer, every time. And you can include your MixMobi offer in any email, an SMS text message or any social media (like Facebook or Twitter).

Why To Use It:

MixMobi is an easy, fast, affordable and effective way to share your instant mobile offers, enhancing the performance of any email, social media or text messaging (SMS) campaign.MixMobi is a web-based application it means you don’t have to install any software. Simply use your own web browser to create, share, and measure the performance of your mobile offers.With a single click you can deploy its offers to social media including Twitter and Facebook. In addition, our mobile offers are urls that can be included in almost any email, SMS text message or embedded into an existing webpage.

More at:http://www.mixmobi.com/

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