MakerBot–Print real physical 3D objects

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MakerBot–Print real physical 3D objects

What Company Is Offering:

Imagine if you can print real physical 3D objects through printing.It can be done, yes, indeed.You can print 3D physical objects with the help of a MakerBot.
MakerBot is an affordable, open source 3D printer. It’s a machine that can make things. It’s your own little factory.There are two main skills need to put together a MakerBot. The first is assembly. It’s a bolt together process that is really easy. The second is soldering. You’ll need a soldering iron and some solder paste for the SMD soldering. SMD soldering sounds intimidating, but it’s really easy. You just put solder paste on the pads and place the pieces and put the whole thing on a hot plate.

How It Works:

In order to print something, you’re going to need a digital model of the thing that you want to print. The magic of MakerBot, and digital fabrication in general is that it takes a digital design file and turns it into a real, physical object. So, you’ll need to get a hold of one somehow.

There are a few ways of getting a file to print ,with the help of you can get digital designs for physical objects. There are a ton of 3D printable files up on the site, and more are added every day. It is a community of like-minded people who love both digital fabrication and sharing.

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