How To Avoid Saving Of Your Passwords By Browsers

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How To Avoid Saving Of Your Passwords By Browsers

Using computer is easy but keeping it safe is quite difficult especially if you are surfing net from your company’s office or friend’s home , cybercafe or even at your own home ,you always fear because you know that your browsers can save your passwords.

How To Avoid Saving Of Your Passwords By Browsers:

First thing you need to do, is, just disable password saving in Internet Explorer on Windows for doing this.

Go to Internet Explorer. Now just select Tools then go to Internet Options then Content. Now under Personal information just click AutoComplete.

If you want that nobody can save your password then just unpick User names and passwords on forms.
If you want to clear all existing saved usernames and passwords then just click on Clear Passwords, and press ok.

For avoiding passwords saving in Firefox just follow few easy steps:

First just Open Firefox then go to Preferences then Options then just Click the Security icon.

Now you can unpick the option in box where is written Remember passwords for sites.

For clearing saved usernames and passwords just click Show Passwords or Saved Passwords.

Now just choose the site and username to remove and click Remove, or click Remove All to clear all saved usernames in Firefox, then click Close.

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