Hollrr- Shout recommendations for great new products and services

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Hollrr- Shout recommendations for great new products and services

What Company Is Offering:

03holeraBefore buying any new products, we love to know what other people are saying about same products, especially, we want to hear some good words from our friends who have already tried that products.This new site will help you in that,its all about telling your friends how good any particular products is , and , helping them discover new products.If you want to help your friends discover a great new product then use this site.A quick Hollrr is the easiest way to help them discover it.
Hollrr is a network for people obsessed with discovering up-and-coming, cool, new products and services.Hollrr is the fun and easy way to share recommendations for great new products and services.

How It Works:

02holeraJust go the ‘All Products’, search or scroll to your product and click ‘Hollrr This!’. Then write a short description not more than 200 characters on why you love it.

Every product listed on Hollrr has a selection of buttons available so products owners, bloggers or anyone else who wants to encourage people to give a shout-out to a product can do so on their site.

Every time you see a person’s name on Hollrr, you can click on their name to take you through to their profile page. Each profile page has a ‘Follow’ button in the top right corner of their profile box. Just click to follow. If you want to follow all your friends on Hollrr, the easiest way is to use the ‘Find your friends’ feature. That way you can see which of your friends from your address book, Twitter or Facebook are on Hollrr.

More at:http://hollrr.com/

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