Bump is connecting two phones anywhere in world

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Bump is connecting two phones anywhere in world

What Company Is Offering:

bumplogocurrent2Bump is a new way of getting connected with your friends, family or even stranger’s phone.It will connect two phones by simply bumping them together. With Bump,you can exchange your phone number, photos, or compare friends with just a bump.

How It Works:

Bump’s application run on your device and a smart matching algorithm running on Bump’s website. The app on your phone uses the phone’s sensors to literally “feel” the bump, and it sends that info up to the Bump. The matching algorithm listens to the bumps from phones around the world and pairs up phones that felt the same bump. Then they just route information between the two phones in each pair.

It use various techniques to limit the pool of potential matches, including location information and characteristics of the bump event. If you are bumping in a particularly dense area (ex, at a conference), and they cannot resolve a unique match after a single bump, then they’ll just ask you to bump again.

When you bump, if they find a match with a phone that felt the same bump, then their servers ask each phone to send up the contact information each user chose to share, but nothing more. If and only if both users confirm that the match is indeed correct will the contact information be sent down to the other person. None of your personal data is ever stored on their servers.

More at:http://bu.mp/

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